Water Damage Restoration Services MI

Have Water Damage? Need Help Now? Give us a call on our 24 hour emergency line 1-844-EMERGENCY 1-844-363-7436 and we can begin our water damage restoration services for you today!   Select Restoration has been providing emergency water damage restoration services, flood cleanup, structural drying, and water damage repair since 1993. We care about professionalism while keeping you relaxed throughout ourwater damage restoration process. We work quickly and effectively throughout the water damage cleanup process to limit further structural or property damage. Immediate action such as water removal and water extraction is the key to controlling the water damage and protecting your property.


Our water damage restoration process is structured, professional, scientific and compassionate. Whether we are initially focusing on removing at-risk items to reduce losses, hauling away potentially dangerous debris, removing damaged carpet or flooring, quickly extracting the water to prevent mold or other health problems, or talking with the insurance company to keep you as stress free as possible, our water damage clean up services are designed for you. We cleanup water damage from toilet overflows, sump pump failures, hot water heater burstsfrozen burst water pipes, fire surpression lines and much more!

We’re an expert Michigan Water Damage Restoration Company that can make your water damage problem in your home or business go away fast. Our water restoration experts have over 22 years of in business experience in residential and commercial water damage restoration, water damage repairs, mold remediation, and flood insurance claims.

Water Damage Restoration Certified Contractor, Since 1993


Water Damage Restoration Procedures

  • 60 Minute Emergency Response, Inspection, Water Damage Assessment
  • Moisture Mapping, Documenting all Wet Damaged Materials – Photos
  • Discuss Priority Areas and Needs With the Consumer
  • Removal of “at risk” Content Items to Reduce Consequential Loss
  • Removal of Wet Building Materials, Drywall-Carpet-Padding-Basemolding etc.
  • Water Removal, Water Extraction | Anti-Microbial Application | Sanitizing, Disinfecting
  • Set up of a Controlled Drying System – Fans, Air Movers, Commercial Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers
  • Daily Monitoring and Review of Structural Drying Process
  • Meet Insurance Adjuster on Site, Settle Insurance Claim, Begin Reconstruction

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Macomb County Michigan


Have Water Damage? Need Help Now? Give us a call on our 24 hour emergency line 1-844-EMERGENCY 1-844-363-7436 and we can begin our water damage restoration services for you today!

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