What Is The Difference Between Restoration Contractors & General Contractors In Michigan

General Contractors deal with new construction and the remodeling of a home, both interior and exterior, usually, for cosmetic purposes. Most General Contractors don’t have the experience or knowledge needed to deal with insurance companies. If you are looking to have your kitchen remodeled or your basement finished, a General Contractor is the best fit for you. General Contractors are licensed through the state of Michigan. When Choosing A General Contractor you should look up their license on the State of Michigan Website. VERIFY A LICENSE

Restoration Contractors deal with the insurance companies on a daily basis and pretty much anything that has been damaged due to fire, wind, water, hail, etc. Restoration Contractors also hold a General Contractor license though the state of Michigan, they just specialize in dealing with the insurance companies and working with damaged material instead of new. A lot of what Restoration Contractors do is Damage assessment, this is probably the biggest one, they know what to look for when a disaster strikes and they find hidden damage and make sure the insurance company sees and pays for the damage. The second and most important differance between a Genaral and Restoration Contractor is, insurance claim negotiations, they will make sure you get a fair price for your claim in order for the property to be restored topre=loss condition or better.

These are just some of the differences you need to look for when figuring out how you want to go about getting your house restored after a disaster or your looking to make some improvements . If your property has been damaged call a Restoration Contractor and if your looking make make improvements call a General Contractor.


How To Choose The Best Michigan Restoration Contractor

Experiencing a property damage loss here in Michigan due to a fire, flood or natural disaster can be a very stressful and confusing event for any homeowner. For that reason alone, it is very important that you do your homework when choosing a property damage restoration contractor who can answer any questions you have about the entire restoration process, and help alleviate all your concerns. The restoration contractor should listen closely to you, educate you and offer an open line of communication to guide you through the entire restoration process, without making you feel rushed or uncomfortable. This will ensure the project runs smoothly and gets completed on time and within the budget.

Michigan Restoration contractors are required to meet a strict set of standards, dictated by insurance companies and industry organizations like the IICRC to restore property to its pre-loss condition or better. If a restoration project is done improperly, it can result in all kind of setbacks, not to mention time and money.