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With over 22 years of in business experience installing, sanding, re-finishing, and staining hardwood floors of all kinds here in Macomb County Mi, our professional team guarantees an exceptional service and high quality products. Now also selling wood floors and polishing marble, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We have it all! What are you waiting for? Stop in our showroom today at 31435 Utica Road Fraser MI

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New hardwood floors are a major investment. They will enhance the beauty of your home, improve its marketability and can be coordinated to any style, whether classic or contemporary. When choosing your Michigan hardwood floor installer make sure you’re getting the highest level of craftsmanship at the best value. Make sure you choose Select Restoration. Call Today 1-844-363-7436

Hardwood Floor Installation and repairs in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County MI

Hardwood Floor Installation and repairs in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County MI

We’re more than just an expert team of fully licensed and bonded hardwood floor installers, we’re a group of like-minded and ambitious folks who believe in people before profit. Inspired by Old European guilds of master craftsmen called artels, we work together to achieve excellence in both craftsmanship and service. Whether you’re deciding on a species of hardwood, ready to install your new wood floor or looking for information on maintenance and repair, Select Restoration is here for you for all your Michigan hardwood floor repairs.

We will make your dreams a reality. Stop thinking and start acting! It is time to give your house a new look with stunning wood floors.

Guide to Hardwood Floor Finishes

We’re not going to say that hardwood floors are the most value-adding features in your home. But, home buyers love ‘em.

Now keep in mind that Michigan hardwood floors need regular maintenance and refinishing to keep them beautiful. How much use your floors get determines how often you need to refinish them and what product you should use. For example, a house occupied by a small family without dogs or cats can be refinished in a period of time of 10 years. On the other hand, a bigger family with kids and dogs should refinishing their floors within 4 years.

There are a bunch of finishes out there, and we want to help you choose the one that’s right for your home.

Water-Based Polyurethane and Oil-Based Polyurethane are the most used by wood floors professionals.

Water-Based Polyurethane 

Polyurethanes are today’s standard floor finish. Water-based varieties used to have a reputation for being eco-friendly (still true) but not as durable as regular polys. However, today’s water-based polys are nearly as tough as their oil-based cousins.

One difference is final color: Water-based polys dry clear; oil based polys have a slight amber tint.

Water-based polyurethane has very low VOC content and is easy for DIYer to apply. Three to four coats are recommended. You can use a water-based polyurethane over an oil-based poly as long as the old finish has completely cured (two to three weeks).

Especially good for: eco-conscious DIYers

Cost: $40 to $60 per gallon covers 400 to 500 square feet

 Oil-Based Polyurethane 

Oil-based polys are the mainstay of floor finishing and widely used by professional finishers.

Although they are tough, long-lasting, and less-expensive than water-based polys have a higher VOC content and stronger odor during application. A coat takes 8 to 10 hours to dry, so you’ll want to vacate your house until the floor is completely dry-and bring your pets with you. two to three coats are recommended.

Professional floors refinishers report some problems when using an oil-based poly over water-based poly. Best advice: Don’t do it.

Especially good for: professionally finished floors at a reasonable price.

Cost: $30 to $40 per gallon covers 500 to 600 square feet; it’s $2 to $4 per square foot to have a pro do it.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors Macomb County, Oakland, Wayne MI

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